Their objectives are:


To organize courses regarding the self - comprehension of being a woman.


To celebrate the Feminine Erothism´s Art.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission is to Dance. Our Vision is to Recreate Feminine Fantasies. Our Values are: Authenticity, Complicity and Mutual Demand. That´s how we create a Women´s Community that play as girls in the park without denying the Eros Mystery.

A Modern Woman, Well Instructed and Free of Prejudices

-Fiódor Dostoyevski

The Karamazov Brothers

Our Activities


Create Your Fantasy Character:

Our Methodology is based on a Choreography Course, about 8 hours minimum, in order to experience a truly Transformation Process and to create your Fantasy Character. At the end we immortalize this metamorphosis with a Photo and Video Production to show the Diva that it is beneath you.


Shows for Events:

We design and produce custom made shows for private or corporate purposes. Our proposal always exults the feminine erothism evoking the Cinema Noir - Femme Fatal Elegance.


Read + Write:

Guided Book Club where the subject is related to the Feminine Being and Love. We end up with a writing workshop to channel our worries and reflexions.


The Five Doors:

Full Moon Ritual where we nurture our Erothism Needs from a Contemplative point of view through 5 artistic expressions of it.

Condesas´s Manifest

Self love and self respect. To be a a well grounded woman who is friends with her subconscious mind.

To be the elegant lady that channels her “dark side” instead of fighting it down. A woman that chooses her own path and is her own leader: makes her own decisions out of passion and love and not fear or insecurities.

A woman that works constantly and orderly to have a clear mind that helps her achieve her own life objectives as long as she enjoys what she is doing.

To read and learn to focus in order to feed the mind. Someone that attempts to write down their own experiences, thoughts and concerns as a way to get to know themselves better.

A woman that diligently takes care of affective bonds with people that strengthen her way of being. Looks for mates that bring out the best, inspire her to grow and become her best version.

To see all other women not as a treat or as enemies but as her own allies. Gathering different but like minded women; with intellectual ambition and spiritual depth forges a consistent and transcendent community.

Condesas as a community aims to see the success of any woman as a source of joy and inspiration to all others.

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